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Shugo Sweep

January 28th, 2020 By Rinzler

il y a 5 mois

Prizes, prizes, and even more prizes. Grab your lucky Daru’s foot because Shugo Sweep is back for a limited time!

Event Details:

  • Shugo Sweep is live now and will run every day.

How To Participate:

Clicking the Golden Die icon on the bottom of your screen will bring up the Shugo Sweep board. Roll your die and whichever number it lands on is the number of spots the Shugo arrow moves. Where the Shugo arrow lands is the prize of what you’ll instantly receive! Once you land on a spot, you won’t be able to land there again. If you roll another die, you’ll land on a new spot. Once all the spots have been filled up, the board will be refreshed with a new list of rewards!

Every day at 9:00 AM. you’ll receive one free die roll (limited to one free roll per account per day) to win a prize!

Check each board to see a list of the rewards. The winner of the Golden Card will be rewarded with a random prize.

Shugo Sweep will be running every day, so go round and round the board while you still have time!