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Shugo Emperor’s Vault

January 28th, 2020 By Rinzler

il y a 5 mois

Intruders are looking for a way to get into the Shugo Emperor’s Vault! Being the helpful Daeva you are, you’ve been tasked with safeguarding the vault and wiping out the pesky intruders. The Shugo Emperor will reward you handsomely if you’re successful.

How To Participate:

In the capital cities, you’ll find Dellishung and Indinerk Jonakak’s Secret Passage next to him. If you’re level 65 or higher, you and two others can brave the Secret Passage and be sent to the Shugo Emperor’s Vault once per day. Inside you’ll have to transform into one of three different souls to continue further: Soul of the Brave Suhoshunerk, Soul of the Brave Gumshunerk, and Soul of the Brave Madoshunerk. Each one of these souls offer a unique playstyle and different abilities.

Your group will have eight minutes to fight and defeat as many monsters as you can. Each monster you defeat will give you points, and at the end of your 8 minutes you’ll be graded based on how many points you have. The more points the better the rank! Based on your rank, you’ll receive keys to use inside the Emperor’s secret vault.

Once inside the vault, you’ll find treasure chests galore. Using the keys you received, you can select any chest you like.